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"Free to try" remote control software for Windows 7/8/10 or Vista/XP and 2003/2008

  Date of release: 01.01.2022 | What is new?
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Anyplace Control - All-in-One:
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Size: 6 Mb

- Host: to make PC available for remote access.
- Admin: to control other PC remotely.

For the instant customer: QuickSupport version

Simple & small customer module, runs immediately without installation - ideal for instant support. Free Download!

Unlimited Corporate version:

Provides additional advanced helpdesk features, which are not available in the standard version of Anyplace Control. Free Download...

Installation Guide

Installation Wizard - Step by Step
     What to install, and where:
  • Host Module - to be installed on the computer that you will control.
  • Admin Module - to be installed on the computer that you will use to connect to the Host.
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"I found your software while browsing the internet and it is outstanding. This is a great solution for distant access - it works through my router and firewall - thanks for your awesome software. "