Get Corporate version to test with your own account-server (on your hosting)

Unlimited Corporate Package of Anyplace Control provides Online Account-connection through your own server instead of ours. You get the maximum connection speed, maximum security and autonomy from us. Also corporate version contains a lot of additional features not included into the common version. Here you can submit a request to get corporate package of Anyplace Control for testing (test version works 30 days only with your account server and allows you to add no more than 10 host computers to account).

To use the corporate version you need a server running under any Windows version (XP/2003/Vista/7/8). The server must have an external public IP-address (otherwise you will need to configure port forwarding on your router).     Ports 443 and 80 shall not be used by other applications on the server (like Apache, IIS or Skype). If you do not have a server or your home or office computer can not be used as a server, we recommend to rent cheap VPS-hosting at any hosting company, for example (they sell VPS hosting for $ 9.95 only)

Enter your e-mail and IP-address of your server (or better domain name) and we will send you a link to download corporate package along with detailed instructions on how to install and configure.

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Important Information:

We pay special attention to users who are interested in a corporate package.

If you do not want to deal with the instructions or the server settings or you can not configure anything, we can do this job for you for free (if you give us remote access to your server via Microsoft RDP)

Additional customized features:

We can develop virtually any additional features not found in standard corporate package, for example, insert your logo into the software interface or develop video conferencing feature for you, etc.. Almost all your wishes can be implemented for a modest fee or even.. FREE. To order additional features, please describe your requirements in the "Comments" on this page.

Technical support is managed by our dedicated staff in Europe (GMT+2 Time Zone). The majority of questions are answered within 12 hours. Our registeed customers have priority in receiving technical support


"I found your software while browsing the internet and it is outstanding. This is a great solution for distant access - it works through my router and firewall - thanks for your awesome software. "