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Software Customization Per User's Request

03/03/11 | by yura [mail] | Categories: Anyplace Control

Anyplace Control is a remote support software that is used for remote PC administration by home/private users and big corporations as well.

Sometimes our customers are in need of unique features to run their business, but none of present remote access software does not have those options to meet their requirements.


We offer customized development of Anyplace Control to help customers in their business run. If you need any specific feature, but can't find it anywhere else or do not want to purchase useless software as you need only one feature it has - do not hesitate contacting us, we will be glad to assist you. None of our competitors has the same or any similar offer.

Some features we may develop even for free or for a very reasonable price as we are interested ourselves in the development and our standard software improvement.

Here are several examples of customized development we have performed for our customers lately.

Customer's Logo Placement

Yeah, Anyplace Control is a cool remote control tool, but if you run your own business won't it be better to have your own logo on the software you use? No problem, we can place your own logo on the software and to add your contact information into "About" dialog box.  From the experience of our corporate users it greatly boosts the confidence of remote users in our customer's service. They feel being cared by real professional who has their own branded software to assist customers remotely.

Billing System
You are running a HelpDesk business and provide a remote assistance to your users. Customized billing feature would help you to quote your customer with the price to pay for the service you have already provided or for the one you are going to provide. We may customize the feature any way you like. All we need  - a detailed technical task to know how would you like the system to work.

Detailed report
You may get a detailed report of all actions that were performed by your Administrators during the working day. This feature is already present in our standard Corporate Edition offer, but we may also customize it the way you like to meet all your requirements.

HelpDesk integration

Imagine you are running your own CMS (customer management system), where you have got your own customers' database, billing system and customers contact system (Live Chat). Though standard CMS-packets do not include built in remote desktop control feature to access your customers remotely and provide them with remote assistance.   You have to use a third party software for remote desktop control, that is not very convenient as it is not connected to your current customers' database. We offer you a tough integration of our software Anyplace control into your CMS-system to get a single and rather convenient system for customer care and support.

If you are interested in adding any additional feature to our software, please, contact us to discuss the details.


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Comment from: Babatunde Alli [Visitor] Email
Babatunde AlliPlease, i want to customize the software to bear logo and company's name for upto 3 computers. Please kindly raise a quote for me.

Best Regards

Babatunde Alli
18/01/13 @ 22:14

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