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Why Anyplace Control is easier than Teamviewer, Ammyy Admin, ShowMyPC and other...

23/05/12 | by yura [mail] | Categories: Anyplace Control

Link: http://www.anyplace-control.com/blog/index.php/why-anyplace-control-is-easier

Anyplace Control is Easier for remote assistance

If you ever used TeamViewer or ShowMyPC or other remote access programs, you should have been convinced their ID numbers and passwords make remote assistance difficult. Even if user downloads and starts the TeamViewer, you are still  unable to connect to his PC untill you ask  his ID and password. But what if user received your invitation e-mail, started TeamViewer but he is away from his computer? You can call to user by phone:


- "Have you started  TeamViewer already?"

- "Yes I have!"

- "What is your ID and password?"

- I do not know. I'm away from my PC right now. I will inform you when I am back to my PC "

Do you think  such remote assistance is comfortable?

Thank to Anyplace Contorl you will never face this problem!

Another situation:

You provide remote assistance to user in real time using TeamViewer and you are communicated by phone. But the quality of phone connection is very bad and you can't understand the user completely. User tries to inform you his ID number and password, but you still don't hear him. It is very typical for international phone calls, expecially when you use VoIP services. And what next? You should write e-mail to customer again to request his ID and password and wait for his answer.

Do you think that way of the remote assistance is effective? No!

You will learn what is  effective assistance with Anyplace Control.

Anyplace Control - is only one invitation e-mail to customer and no futher communication is required.

Remote user is not obliged to face with ID-numbers or passwords that makes Anyplace Control much more easy than TeamViewer, ShowMyPC, Ammyy Admin and any other remote assistance products on the market nowadays.  Only one click is requred from remote user - to download and to start Host Module.  His PC automatically becomes available for remote access from your side.

Read how to provide remote assistance and support with Anyplace Control: step-by-step guide

Remote assistance process has never been easier!


Anyplace Control: "Easy access from Any Place"

Free Anyplace Control licenses.

Anyplace Control offers free licenses for non-commercial use. Click here to get Free license. For business purposes the software is not free, but the prices are very affordable if compare with competitors.

Custom development

We can customize Anyplace Control to meet all your specific requirements and integrate into your business precisely. Any unique feature can be developed per your request. No competitors offer the same!

Anyplace Control: "Easy access from Any Place"



Comment from: deepak gupta [Visitor]
deepak guptahello

I am running a architectural company so I want remote command without my staff permission on their screen and check whether he is working or chatting on Facebook.waiting reply
28/09/12 @ 21:39
Comment from: sandeep [Visitor]
sandeepthats nice
04/10/12 @ 09:38
Comment from: yura [Member] Email
yuraTo deepak gupta:
If you want to monitor your staff activity in hidden mode, we have solution for you. Please contact sales@anyplace-control.com for more details
09/10/12 @ 10:21

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