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Alex Kolesnikov, manager in Web Consulting Group

My name is Alex and I work as a manager in a web consulting company. I thought I would write this review to share my experiences with the product.

I first started using teamviewer 5 when a good friend told me to download it from When I heard him, I was forced to ask "What is Teamviewer?"

It is a program that allows a user to remotely access and control other computers running this software after they authenticate this incoming connection, helping to give security. When I made it to the download page, I noticed that the program had a modular client-server model that made teamviwer portable and easy to implement in a great variety of situations.

My team viewer download from was painless, and when the new version came out I upgraded to version 6 almost immediately. Latest version had new features that offered improvements in Team viewer 7 over previous versions, but I still found that some people could not understand how to use the program when I offered it to them, which lead me to start looking for an alternative product.

This is when I discovered Anyplace Control. Much like Teamviewer 9, Anyplace Control has server and client modules that make it easy to install and deploy. However, unlike Teamviewer's ID and password system that forces users to have access to both computers to initiate the remote support, Anyplace Control has an invitation email system that makes it easier to use than any of the other alternatives. Moreover Anyplace Control can connect by ID also.

Features are similar but...

I found that Anyplace Control also had many intuitive features that extended my remote desktop interacations and gave me control well beyond the basic mouse and keyboard support. For instance, I was able to easily transfer files between my computer and the remote computer in very few clicks, where to download team viewer files I often got confused.
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This made it easy to upload and download important files and libraries that were missing on one of the two computers without needing to re-locate them on the internet.
Anyplace Control even had a useful Online Account Connection guide that made it simple to implement this technology behind our restrictive firewalls. The guide helps Anyplace Control users to easily work around their router and firewall software, without even needing to open a single configuration file outside the program.


While I had good things to say about Team viewer 6, I think that Anyplace Control was the right decision for my company. With this software, we have been able to increase our productivity even further and extend our remote desktop capabilities far beyond what we ever had available with other solutions, making it a worthwhile consideration for anyone looking for remote computer access.

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