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Pavel Smirnov, IT-consultant at "OAO Venture" corporation

I have been a manager and webmaster for over a decade, and I would like to say how helpful I have found this amazing utility. Earlier this year I adopted ShowMyPC to try to help streamline the various workspaces in my company and our interactions with clients. With the ability to quickly and easily sort out computer problems and even transfer files remotely, I have seen a drastic increase in productivity since our company has begun to use PC remote control software such as Show My PC 3055.

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ShowMyPC was very helpful for us and had a painless installation that I could trust to hand off even to people who were not specialists in computer support. Once installed, it provided my business with powerful communication tools in addition to its robust remote desktop control, even allowing us to send emails to other possible participants.

However, very recently I have begun using new program called Anyplace Control. It is based on the same technology as ShowMyPC 3105, but I have found that it has an even more intuitive and effective interface. I particularly appreciated that both the 'server' and 'client' modules of Anyplace Control were included in the same installer, which allowed me to place a single file on a flash drive and easily have the appropriate modules installed on each of my workplace's computers., showmypc 3105 download, show my pc 3055

Features are similar to Show My PC but...

Anyplace Control also has File Transfer protocols like Show MyPC. I was very impressed a few months ago when we had a power outage in the middle of one of transferring a large batch of client records from one computer to another. When the power was recovered, I was amazed to find that Anyplace Control immediately resumed the download from where it had left off, saving me a great deal of time needing to start the transfer from the beginning again.
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Our company also uses a rather comprehensive firewall that sometimes makes the use of network utilities such as a remote desktop control program finnicky. However, I was very happy to see that Anyplace Control's website had a very easy-to-follow guide on their "Online Account Connection" that allowed us to integrate remote desktop control even into our interactions with clients who did not know how to manipulate their firewall or router, and even allowed us to do power management tasks like remote shutdown and rebooting that a firewall will often block.


In summary, I would definitely try both of these amazing programs. I am thankful for the friend who showed me ShowMy PC, because our company used this program for a few months to great effect. However, if you find that it does not meet your needs, you may wish to try out Anyplace Control, because I have found that it has many great improvements at an unbeatable price.

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