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Download Free Update/Addon for Anyplace Control

A lot of improvements. Doesn't require serial number

Thank you for installation of Anyplace Control!

Unfortunately the version of Anyplace Control you have installed is too old.
It was developed many years ago and now it doesn't support recent Windows versions (8, 7 and Vista...).

This old version can cause a slowdown or hang-up your computer .

Please, download and install free addon for Anyplace Control, that will allow you to use this old version with your current (modern) Windows PC.

Note: This addon is absolutely free and doesn't require any registration key or serial number enter.

Installation is performed just in a few clicks.

Free Download
1 Mb
official addon

Moreover, this addon will extend the function capabilities of Anyplace Control, which are absent in this version. Next features will be added after installation for free:

  • Optional ability to control a remote PC in the HIDDEN mode. A remote user will not know that you monitor his remote PC.
  • Chat between administrator and remote user.
  • Ability to connect through the routers/firewalls/proxy servers without any settings.

Warning: Beware illegal versions

We would like to warn you not to use the software downloaded from any site except www.anyplace-control.com. We have already received numerous letters of complain from our users saying that they face with issues at their PCs, got files infected or loose their data after Anyplace Control (pirated version) download from the Internet. We assume they were using cracks and the authors of those cracks got the full access to users' data. So, you take all risk of using Anyplace Control software downloaded not from our official site. We are not liable for any data loss or any other damages from non-legitimate software usage.

Special offer: Get free Anyplace Control license

We can offer you a free registration key in exchange for our link placement on your web-site. Contact us to get more info.