Software Customization Per User's Request

03/03/11 | by yura [mail] | Categories: Anyplace Control

Anyplace Control is a remote support software that is used for remote PC administration by home/private users and big corporations as well.

Sometimes our customers are in need of unique features to run their business, but none of present remote access software does not have those options to meet their requirements.

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01/03/11 | by yura [mail] | Categories: Anyplace Control

How often do you have a necessity to deal with a really aggressive customer? Have you ever had  phone talk with a rude or drunk customer who was unable to perform anything on his/her own, but was stating that your service is just a piece of...?

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1000 users on the forum

24/02/11 | by yura [mail] | Categories: Anyplace Control

B  I  N  G  O  ! ! ! !

Today we have a new registered user who is the 1000-th user on our forum.

Anyplace Control forum offers you an ability to discuss the remote desktop control software with other users, to get their oppinion and to share your own experience. Forum Administrator will provide you with full and detail answers to your questions.

Do not hesitate visiting our forum.

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