Anyplace Control - new video presentation

19/08/12 | by yura [mail] | Categories: Anyplace Control


Dear users.

We are glade to announce release of Anyplace Control video presentation.

Please watch this video at:

And we will be glad to receive your comments and feedbacks.

TeamViewer Review

26/06/12 | by yura [mail] | Categories: Anyplace Control

Interesting Review of TeamViewer and comparison with alternative.

Alex Kolesnikov (manager in Web Consulting Group) tested Teamviewer and wrote interesting review about his experience of TeamViewer using...

TeamViewer review

Read: Teamviewer Review...

One-click remote control: new version of Admin module 5.4.1 has been released

16/06/12 | by yura [mail] | Categories: Anyplace Control


New version of One-click Admin module has been released today.

One-click means that installation is not required and you can run this module directly from our web-site:

What is new in this release?

  1. Direct Connection tab was added to the Onle-click Admin module. So, now you will be able to connect to remote PC directly via IP address, and not only via Online Account. It makes possible to use One-click Admin module even in isolated networks where there is no access to the Internet. 
  2. Creates shortcut on the desktop and on the Start menu after first start. So you will be able to easyly find One-click Admin module next time you will need to access remote PC
  3. Some interface changes.

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