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Anyplace Control 7.0 has been released

07/11/13 | by yura [mail] | Categories: Anyplace Control

Dear Anyplace Control user!


Anyplace Control Software is glad to announce the new major release of Anyplace Control program - version 7.0


In the 7.0 version a new connection method to access a remote PC has been added:

Connection via Computer ID-number.


Thanks to a new connection method, one-time remote access to your partner's 

PC becomes much more easier now!


Moreover, the new version of the software does not require Anplace Control installation.

All you need to perform is just to download and run Anyplace Control on both PCs.


A detailed description of the new version 7.0 with screenshots:

 -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------

UPDATE to 7.0 version of the software


Read more about update conditions here:


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