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Anyplace Control 5.4 has been released

30/05/12 | by yura [mail] | Categories: Anyplace Control

Link: http://www.anyplace-control.com/blog/index.php/anyplace-control-5-4-has

Anyplace Control Software announces a new release of Anyplace Control program - version 5.4. 

New version includes important improvement:  Ability to connect to Online Account computers without Access Password use.


In previous version you were obliged to enter 2 different passwords to access remote computer: Online Account password (to log into account) and Access Password (to connect to remote computer of your account).

It was not so easy to remember and enter 2 different passwords. Most of users use the same password to log into account and to access remote PC and they do not like to enter the same password twice. We are sure that there is no sense to protect connection with 2 passwords. Using single Online Account Password is enough and secure. It is secure, because:

1. it is impossible to access remote computer untill you log in to online account.

2. If user adds his PC to your account, it means that he trusts you and he knows that his PC is available for remote connection from your account only (not from others).

Therefore in new version 5.4 of Anyplace Control you will no longer need to enter access password to connect to the remote PC in your Online Account. However Direct IP Connection is still protected by Access Password.

If you still want to protect Online Account Connection with Access Password (as it was in the previous versions) you can activate this option in the Host module settings.


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