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Anyplace Control 5.2.0 release - faster and easier

17/06/11 | by yura [mail] | Categories: Anyplace Control

Link: http://www.anyplace-control.com/blog/index.php/anyplace-control-5-2

Recently Anyplace Control Software company has released the latest version of remote desktop control software - 5.2.0. It is a new step in our remote assistance software.

What's new:


1) Connection speed in the Online Account Connection service has been improved
A new mechanism in the software automatically checks the easiest and the fastest way to connect to remote PC. It will use Direct Connection via IP-address (the fastest) instead of connection via our intermediate Gateway-server where it is possible.

to use the feature you have to update both: Admin and Host modules to the latest version.

Although Admin module defines itself which one of IP addresses (in case there are several of them) to use for faster connection, you have an ability to point yourself which way you would like to access a remote PC in Online Account Connection mode.

Click right mouse button on a remote PC's name and you will see the new option of Direct Connection menu with a pop-up list of possible connection variants.

You will get the list of IP addresses of a remote PC you may use to connect directly. You may choose an IP address you like and connect to establish a remote PC connect the most suitable way.

Why is it more convenient than to use "Direct IP Connection"tab, like it was before?

It is more convenient as you do not have to ask a remote user current IP address of remote PC. Our software would provide you with the list of remote PC's IP addresses automatically. Furthermore, the software will show only those IP addresses that are applicable for connection. In other words, it won't show IPs unsuitable for connection (e.g. if computers ale located in one local network, the software will show 192.168.X.X. address, but if you connect via the Internet - internal IP address won't be shown).

If of any reason you are not satisfied with a new intellectual connection algorithm of Anyplace Control, you may deny it with a help of Global Admin module's Settings.

2) Remote Screen Scaling option improved - quality and performance has been improved.
The software will automatically check an activity you perform on a remote PC - read texts or watch video and it will use a correspondent algorithm to provide you with the best remote desktop reflection.

3) "Keep Remote Screen Proportions while scaling" option.

If this option is On with a reduce or increase of Remote Desktop Window sizes its height and width would be set the way to keep the proportions equal to original desktop of a remote PC. It ensures better quality of scaling.

4) Full Screen mode button works even if a remote screen is smaller than a local one. This way remote screen's picture would enlarged and stretched on a full screen of Admin PC. This option was not possible in older versions of he software.

5) User interface has been changed.
A new button "Default Settings" to set your own default settings for the software has been added.


The new version is a beta one. We have tested it in our labs, but it still may contain some bugs. If you help us to reveal the bugs and fix them - we will grant you with a free license or extend your subscription if you are already a registered user.

Read the details and discuss the software


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