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01/03/11 | by yura [mail] | Categories: Anyplace Control

How often do you have a necessity to deal with a really aggressive customer? Have you ever had  phone talk with a rude or drunk customer who was unable to perform anything on his/her own, but was stating that your service is just a piece of...?


To have things being changed you need to learn an



Listen carefully to get the origin of aggression
Listen carefully to what your customer is screaming on your phone. Rather often under all this  aggression there is a real reason of the problem. The first what you need is to understand customer's feelings; voice, tone and intonation may help you. Try to listen to customer's thoughts, not words, as your own emotions could be in the way to understand the situation in general. Listen to WHAT customer is talking about, not HOW it is performed.

Address to the customer by name.
When talking to customer address to him/her by name. Many people are pleased when they hear their own name, it boosts their confidence and makes them think that they are not standard clients, but company does know them personally or by name.

Do not come, under customer's provocations.
Aggressive customer is not the first day on the planet. Be sure he/she was ready before calling you and maybe the speech you have heard was trained many times. Customer might have thought about possible reactions and got additional arguments to keep him\her on a track. Do not follow this game of words, do not even try to quarrel or have a grudge against the customer - you will lose. It won't solve the issue. Stay calm and polite, don't even think of using any offensive words, but try to seem interested in customer's issue as your politeness may be judged as a common reaction.

Do not take anything personally.
Rather often customer is angry not with you personally but with the situation or a problem in general. Saying "You have mixed everything" customer means "I didn't get my order in time, that is not my fault, but your company's one and now talking to you as company's representative I need everything to be fixed ASAP.

Ask for pardon or apologize.
If you know that even being rude and aggressive customer is right, it's better to agree from the early beginning with your fault. Beg customer's pardon or ask for an apology. It would help you to stop aggression and establish a contact. "Dear Mr. Seldovski, I beg your pardon for the issue you are facing with, we assume it to be our own fault and we are ready to assist you to cope with it"

Provide customer with alternative or plan of actions.
After you have listened carefully to your customer and found out the reason of the problem offer you suggestions clearly. Be absolutely sure that your plan of actions is correct and it will solve the problem. Try to persuade the customer that your offer is the only correct way to cope with issue. Be consecutive and your customer won't have another choice than to agree with you.

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